Interested in using hotlunch.com for your school or business?


This demo is for potential clients. If you are a parent please contact your school for user instructions.

General Information

What is the Hot Lunch Program?

Hot Lunch is a program designed to help School Administrators, PTA Volunteers and Parents with the managing and implementing a Hot Lunch Program for Schools.

Where does the Program Reside?

The Program is hosted by hotlunch.com with links on your school website for parents to easily access the program.

How long does the Hot Lunch installation take?

On average we ask for 3 – 4 business days to complete installation, database connectivity, testing and training. This estimate also depends on our installation volume at the time of your order.

Vendors and Menus

Can the School create menus with different vendors and products?

Yes, the program allows multiple vendors and menu items

Will Hot Lunch work if the School has a kitchen?

Yes, the School Kitchen can be incorporated into the program.

How long will it take to setup a Menu and accept orders?

We provide training; a Hot Lunch Administrator should be able to create a menu in about 15 minutes. The program is very intuitive; our clients have launched a menu on their own in as little as ten minutes without initial training.

How long can a Menu be active?

Menu’s are variable and can be active for as long as the School chooses, from a day, week, quarter or a year.

Can the School set up menus in advance?

Yes, menus can be created and saved in advance. The administrator can publish these menus as and when appropriate.

Can the School publish multiple menus at the same time?

Yes the Hot Lunch Program allows Schools to publish multiple menus at the same time. For example the Hot lunch menu for the month, as well as School supply orders can be taken at the same time.

Can the Hot Lunch be used for other purposes?

Yes our clients have used Hot Lunch for Bake Sales, School Spirit items, School Supplies, to sign up Volunteers, and much more. Please ask a Sales Representative for all the creative ways this program can be used.

Can the Hot Lunch be closed on a cut-off date?

Yes menus can we activated, de-activated or even deleted.

Can Parents make changes once an order is submitted?

Parents can make changes to their order, until payment is received against the order.


What is the process for deleting orders?

Paid orders cannot be deleted by the parent. The Hotlunch Administrator can delete items in the paid order and the system will issues credits.
However unpaid orders can easily be deleted by the parent or the admin. Parents can view orders in the “My orders” tab and delete unpaid orders they do not need. Administrators can “View Order History” for the Parent account in the Parents tab and delete unpaid orders.

Payment Methods

What payment options does Hot Lunch work with?

The program is designed to work with Cash, Checks, E-Checks and Credit Cards. Electronic payment options are provided by your Merchant Account.

How does the school begin accepting credit cards?

To begin accepting credit cards the School must have a Merchant account. Once the School has a Merchant account please provide us details of the Payment Gateway that your Merchant uses, and we will incorporate it into the Hot Lunch Program.

How long before a School can accept credit cards for online Hot Lunch orders?

The process of linking the Hot Lunch program to a payment gateway can be completed at the time of installing the program.

Can School Parents pay in advance for Hot Lunch orders?

Yes, the program tracks advance payments

Can the School issue credits for missed lunches?

Yes, the program allows the administrator to issue credits to families.

How do I give a group of students credits at one time, for a meal, or items not delivered?

If a vendor does not deliver an item or a whole grade/classroom, or the school is closed due to snow for example, you can issue credit for meals not served to a class. Go the “Credit” tab, select the menu in question, use the dropdown filters (grade, Classroom, Payment status) to list the group you need to give credit to and hit Go. Verify the list generated is correct, print the list as backup and click “Cancel Lunch” these lunches will be credited.


What kind of reports does the program provide?

The program has detailed reports for orders placed, menu item orders and payments. Reports can be created by Vendors, Class room and dates.

How often can the school create reports?

Reports are generated in real time and can be previewed when needed.

How do we handle coupons for our students?

The Hot Lunch program allows parents and administrators to print coupons for orders placed.